About Us

Adam Milk Foods is the manufacturer of Pakistan's largest selling cheese brand. It has been in the business of cheese making for the past three decades. Adam Milk Foods was incorporated in 1993 and has since grown steadily to become a recognized and trusted dairy foods producer with a nation-wide distribution and sales network. Adam's has developed its product portfolio over the years and now carries fresh variants of cheese, table butter, variants of yoghurt, Raita, Lassi, Desi Ghee and whey powder.

The founders of Adam Milk Foods recognized the growing demand for cheese in the local market and decided to fulfil this demand by producing cheese locally. Based in Sahiwal, in the heart of the "milk belt" of Pakistan, Adam's procures the best available milk directly from the farmers. Milk is collected at Adam's owned and operated collection centers from where it is shipped in company trucks to the plant. Milk is tested at the collection center and at the plant to ensure that the milk is pure and unadulterated. By establishing contacts directly with the farmers, Adam's is able to obtain premium quality milk for its dairy products.

The dairy products are produced and packaged at a state-of-the-art production plant in Sahiwal. A high level of hygiene and quality control ensures that cheese and other dairy products are free of contaminants and consistent in quality. From the plant, the products are shipped nationwide in specially designed temperature-controlled trucks to wholesalers and regional distributors for onward placement on shelves at retailers.

We focus on the core attributes of Honesty, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, and Continuous Improvement. The management strives to espouse these values to their team so that together they can deliver the best dairy products to the consumers.



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